Why digital marketing agencies need an Instant Inbound Sales solution | CrankWheel

What an inbound sales funnel should include for a digital marketing agency

You need to qualify sales leads

How Instant Inbound Sales solutions work

How digital agencies use Instant Inbound Sales solutions

  • What problems are they trying to solve?
  • Do they need them solved in a timely fashion (is there some urgency)?
  • Do they understand either what they need or the services you offer?
  • Do they have a budget?
  • Who gets to make a decision on this?

Key Takeaways:

  • Establishing an inbound marketing funnel is a powerful lead generation strategy for marketing agencies. It also shows you use the same strategies and methods you sell to clients.
  • Once an inbound funnel is generating leads, you need a way of qualifying them early on: are they genuinely interested, do they understand what they need and what you are offering, do they have a budget, and who makes the decision?
  • An Instant Inbound Sales solution, such as CrankWheel, gives sales teams a quick and easy way to qualify each and every sales lead. The viable ones are likely to need and want a second meeting, to potentially see a proposal and case studies. This is when leads move further up the chain to an agency founder, co-founder, or VP/Head of Sales.




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Jói Sigurðsson

Jói Sigurðsson

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