Why customer success leaders rely on CrankWheel for complaints and on-boarding

  • Contact center agents can attempt to describe a solution, which may or may not prove successful;
  • Agents could suggest a customer uses Live Chat, and then somehow ensures they are able to connect that way (not always easy, or even possible), so that screenshots or potentially screen-sharing can be used;
  • Without the right solution to hand, it isn’t possible to connect with a customer using real-time visuals, such as screen-sharing, resulting in an unhappy customer.
  • Even when an ad-hoc solution can be used, it often adds to the poor experience a customer is having, making it more stressful and frustrating for them. When customers aren’t happy with the service they’ve received, the worse thing a company can do is compound the problem with attempting a call that is fraught with friction for the customer thanks to technical requirements.

Why is screen-sharing the solution?

Why customer service teams love CrankWheel?

Benefits of using CrankWheel for customer service:

  • Make it easier to clarify and demonstrate a new product or service for customers;
  • An interactive and visual experience — show don’t tell;
  • Customers can take part in the screens of agents (using Remote Control), thereby giving them a much better understanding of a more complicated product or service;
  • When a complaint requires a demo, especially when a problem is technical, then a solution can be provided and presented in a more engaging way than over the phone.
  • Reduces churn and increases customer satisfaction ratings;
  • Reduces customer service costs, as agents can handle more complicated calls more effectively, whereas queries that aren’t as complicated can be handled by Live Chat agents, even bots and self-serve solutions.




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