Telesales: 11 tips that ensure a higher close rate | CrankWheel

  • 82% of buyers say they have accepted meetings with salespeople after a series of contacts beginning with sales cold calls.
  • 57% of C-level buyers prefer that salespeople call them
  • 69% of buyers accepted a call from new salespeople in the past 12 months

1. Set clear goals and OKRs:

2. Qualify your prospects

  • Does the prospect have a problem that your business solves?
  • Does the prospect have the budget for your services?
  • Are you talking to a decision-maker?

3. Personalize your sales script and pitch:

4. Leverage screen sharing:

5. Use a powerful CRM solution:

6. Use an authoritative tone:

7. Have a concise and compelling opener:

  • Connecting with the prospect: Ex. call them by their first name or congratulate them on a recent achievement they shared on LinkedIn
  • Asking a question: Ex. A simple “how have you been” can get the conversation started and you can introduce yourself and your offer
  • Experimenting with different strategies: There are many ways to approach your opener and experimenting with the different ways can help you nail down your best-performing openers. Some tactics you can use include:
  • Appealing to emotion: Ex. “What’s the most frustrating part of growing your bottom line”
  • Share a recent event from their company: Ex. “Congrats on the release of your new product, I had some ideas on how to improve it”
  • Mentioning a mutual contact: Ex. “I just told Elon I was going to talk with you today, heard a lot of good things about you and your company”

8. Establish incentive program:

9. Note common objections and craft a response:

  • Actively listening to the prospect
  • Asking follow-up questions
  • Leveraging social proof from similar clients and validating their concerns

10. Utilize pre-recorded voicemails:

  • Length between 20–30 seconds: Your voicemail should be concise and have the necessary information for your prospect to call back. Leaving long voicemails is inefficient and prospects may choose to ignore it altogether.
  • Don’t sell: Since the voicemail is very brief, do not sell anything in your script. Make sure to give the prospect some context about the call to increase your chances of getting a callback.
  • Don’t talk about failed attempts: In your voicemail, never make statements like “I’ve tried to reach you several times” or anything similar. The average person gets multiple robocalls and spam calls per day and will think you are the same.

11. Explore using SMS:




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Jói Sigurðsson

Jói Sigurðsson

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