— Issue #99

Hi there! My day started by dealing with a massive leak into my office, but it’s Friday so at least I get to wrap up the day by writing you this newsletter.

Dealing with the leak reminded me that nothing you build is forever — the hardwood on my office floor certainly wasn’t — but while you’re around you can always fix things and make progress. How’s that for deep startup wisdom? 🤓

Tool of the week

Fb shareable

Engage your audience on Facebook Live with an amazing live

Who wants a podcast when you can do live TV… right? This looks very neat, you can do a solo, or interview style, or “talk show” style video with all attendees remote, all streaming live on Facebook. Starts at $15/month.

Tools discovered recently

Sodaphonic screenshot
Sodaphonic screenshot

Sodaphonic — an audio editor for

This is a simple, free, audio editor online. Nothing super powerful or fancy but does the job for simple needs.

An online logo maker, looks like it can create quite a wide range of designs. Free to use, $29 to download high-resolution logos.

Facebook thumbnail
Facebook thumbnail • Sales & Marketing

This is another one of those tools like Mailshake (which I use, and recommend along with Reply) to send automated drip campaigns to cold prospects, but this one integrates prospecting, i.e. finding leads for your campaigns based on company name, title, etc.

Logo ba988fad672f61d8a4b9a2ce7707c5ade6c868d2c99af49e74a815200dac0044
Logo ba988fad672f61d8a4b9a2ce7707c5ade6c868d2c99af49e74a815200dac0044

257+ free and continuously growing high quality

Lots of good quality SVG and PNG icons you can use for free.

Build a chatbot for Facebook Messenger in minutes, no coding needed. Free for 1 chatbot up to 100 contacts.

Articles for this week

Amazon seller 441x315
Amazon seller 441x315

Simplified Steps To Become An Expert Amazon

Huge article on how to become an Amazon seller.

The new facebook algorithm 2018 how it works and what brands can do to succeed
The new facebook algorithm 2018 how it works and what brands can do to succeed

The New Facebook Algorithm: Secrets Behind How It Works and What You Can Do To

The Facebook algorithm is constantly evolving in order to provide a better experience for users, and this article aims to tell you how you can make the best-performing content for it.

Social card
Social card

2017 Proposal Report — Better

Data-backed report on what makes for a good proposal these days. To be sure it’s skewed to users of Better Proposals, and folks in general using similar systems, but it does seem to show that you’re a lot better off writing proposals fast and using a proposal tool that lets you track interactions than just sending a PDF.

The most effective way to getting your first paid users evidence from 4 startups
The most effective way to getting your first paid users evidence from 4 startups

The Most Effective Way To Getting Your First Paid Users (evidence from 4 startups)

Another article from Abdo Riani, actionable advice as always.

Dc593e96 saas book cover
Dc593e96 saas book cover

How to Nail the First Step to Scalable SaaS Growth: Customer

Good advice on how to understand your customers really, really well.

That’s it for this issue

Last week I asked folks what type of special thing they’d like to see for our 100th issue coming up next week, and the most popular option was to do a 100-themed piece of content, so stay tuned for that in our next issue!

On Monday February 26th I’ll be doing a free webinar on CrankWheel’s tight integration with Talkdesk, the intelligent cloud call center platform. Sign up if you’re interested in learning about that, for an integrated solution to your phone and screen sharing needs.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!