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Jói Sigurðsson
4 min readFeb 2, 2018

Hi folks, it’s Friday, so heeeeere’s Jói!

I’ve survived 7 days of skiing so far and decided to stay away from the moguls so I wouldn’t break my neck. Today is our last day of skiing in beautiful Schladming, Austria, and we’re heading back to Iceland tomorrow. It’s been a blast! ⛷👍

Tool of the week

Search and replace small promo

Find & Replace Extension for Text

An extension for Chrome or Firefox that adds search & replace tool for input fields and editable text content in your browser, including advanced functionality such as regular expressions. Very neat, and more and more useful now as everything moves online. It’s free but donations to the author are encouraged (you know you want to help this guy out!!).

Tools discovered recently


Metashort | Change any link’s social media

I posted a similar tool last week (ShareKit) but this one is a bit cheaper at $10/month and also gives a free trial, so check them both out if you need a tool like this — and let me know which one is better 😉

Facebook cover

ContentStudio | Discover, Monitor &

This tool, free for up to 2 social accounts and 500 posts per month, is supposed to help you discover social content suitable for your industry or niche as it starts to get trending, and help you publish it (using a content calendar) to your own social channels. Looks kind of neat!

Flaskmail | Get a custom email on any domain

This is a one-stop shop for getting a custom email address or addresses on a custom domain name. Could be a very convenient solution for some types of businesses. Prices are reasonable, starting at $3/month for an individual. You can either bring an existing domain name, or buy a domain name through them ($1/month add-on).

5a15d18361149300018cfebc online courses

Podia | Sell memberships, online courses, and digital downloads to your audience.

Podia looks like a well-done alternative to something like Gumroad for selling digital products, as well as letting you host membership site subscriptions and your email marketing all in one place.

Og image

Sheetsu | Turn a Google Spreadsheet into a REST

Builds a CRUD API from a Google Spreadsheet, letting it act as e.g. a back-end to a front-end application. Lets you push data from backend to non-IT folks with one line. Free up to 10K requests/month.

Resources for this week

The 5 steps for building startup value before having a product

The 5 Steps For Building Startup Value Before Having A

I’ve posted a few articles by Abdo Riani because they’re usually high-quality resources. This one I thought would flow well from the article I posted last week on how to build SEO for a product page for something that hasn’t launched yet. It lists not just 5 steps but really 5 categories of steps that you can take to build value for your startup (or find out early if it doesn’t have value) before building a product.

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A better email marketing framework for

I found this to be a very good read on using email marketing to build trust in a community. I don’t plan to change the format of this newsletter, but if I were starting from scratch there’s a lot of advice in here I might try to follow.

How to boost conversions using psychological profiles

How to boost conversions using psychological

More on buyer personas (there was a piece from the CrankWheel blog a couple of weeks ago), here’s a take on using buyer personas to boost conversions.

Remote jobs for European developers

A curated list of remote jobs for workers based in Europe, maybe of interest to some readers.

That’s it for this issue

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ve had a great week and are ready for the weekend.



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