— Issue #95

Jói Sigurðsson
4 min readJan 21, 2018


Hi folks, another week has come and gone, so it’s Jói, back on a Friday.

My startup CrankWheel is in the screen sharing / web conferencing / webinar type of space, so obviously I research that market regularly. I just came across Demio a few days ago, and it looks like a great tool for web conferencing — it’s tool of the week, in fact!

Tool of the week

Fb image post launch

Demio — A Delightful Webinar

This looks really, really slick. Uses WebRTC, lets you do both live and evergreen (“as if live”) webinars, takes care of registrations, basically everything you need. Not free, but a money-back guarantee and a pretty reasonable price (starts at $57/month for up to 100 participants).

Tools discovered recently

Amazing Marvin

I admit it, I really like productivity tools. This one looks like a neat day planner that helps you build some good habits like keeping track of which tasks you’re procrastinating on, and forcing you to think about the most important stuff to work on each day.

Notejoy — A better way to organize team docs

This is sort of like a collaborative version of Evernote. Looks slick and kind of interesting. Freemium.

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Formfor | A form backend your clients will

A simple form backend, we’ve covered a few of these in the past like Formaholic and Formspree. This one is built and priced for freelancers, $9/month for unlimited forms. Free trial.

Create your own infographic online —

Another infographic creator. This one is freemium.

Hero image v2

Dropsource | Visual app

A no-code builder for iOS and Android apps. Free for simple projects.

Articles for this week


A Startup’s How-to Guide for Product

One of two articles this week on how to launch on Product Hunt. Useful material to launch on one of the best sites to drive some initial traffic.

Poptinproducthunt 1

This step by step guide will tell you how to pull off a successful Product Hunt

Second Product Hunt launch article. Some different lessons although mostly in agreement with the other.

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How to Find Beta Testers: 10 SaaS Owners Share Their Best

Lots of advice on how and where to find early adopters.

Frankenstein banner

The Frankenstein Method: Content Marketing Tactics That Bring New Life to Dead Blog

How to revive older pieces of content to get a bit more value out of them. IT’S ALIVE!!

What’s this GDPR thing you keep hearing about?

I’ve been going through the process of making CrankWheel ready for GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation that the European Union is bringing into effect in May, working with consultants to understand what’s definitely not OK, what’s in a grey area, and so forth. This regulation affects any company that has users in the EU, even if located in other jurisdictions. Would you be interested in a guide for how small startups can fulfil the regulation in the simplest possible way? Email me back to let me know!

That’s it for this issue

Have a great weekend!