— Issue #86

Growth tip

Whenever you publish something online where you link to or mention others or their articles, products, resources, or companies, send them a quick email to let them know about your thing and nonchalantly encourage them to share it.

Tool of the week


Tools/resources I actually used recently

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The Ultimate Growth Hacking Resource

PixelMe — Retargeting links

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Tools discovered recently

Create professional infographics in minutes. Grow your audience.

Scheduler |

Newsletter of the week

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Articles for this week

Persuasive Techniques in Website Optimization: The Ultimate Guide for SaaS (100+ persuasion techniques)

Being a Startup Founder is a minimum wage job — Here’s the proof

Our Odd Startup: 3 ½ Guys, No VC, Profitability, and Patience

That’s it for this issue

As always it’s a pleasure and a privilege writing this newsletter for you. I hope you enjoy the selection of tools and resources and that you find stuff here that actually helps you build your startup.



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