— Issue #84

Hi, it’s Jói, ’cause it’s Friday.

Another week is almost gone. It’s been a very busy one for me, with the launch of CrankWheel’s affiliate program, an upcoming launch of our WordPress plug-in, and another bigger upcoming launch just a few weeks out. Add to that a dinner for the whole team the night before last to make for a pretty fantastic week!

Want to make 💰💵💰💵💰?

CrankWheel just launched a very lucrative affiliate program, it’s $120 for a new paid plan plus 15% of ongoing revenue. It’s especially great for active users of CrankWheel as there are within-experience ways you can encourage your network to try it. Sign up here!

Tool of the week

FindThatLead | Find almost anyone’s email

I know I’m a little heavy recently on the various tools for prospecting, but hey, I’m discovering a lot of cool stuff in that area. FindThatLead has been gaining a lot of traction in a SaaS founder community I’m in, so I decided to give it a go. It can do all the same things Hunter does, and also has a built-in tool called Prospector which is essentially a list generator similar to what you could do on a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account, except instead of having to send InMail you can just have FindThatLead give you their email address. Free for up to 300 credits per month (a credit is a search with up to 10 results).

Tools I actually used recently


LeadQuizzes: High Converting

I played around with their free plan and just signed up for their paid plan. Seems like a potentially nice way to get folks engaging around quizzes like “are you entrepreneur material” for or subjects like “are you a master of software demos” for CrankWheel prospects, and their sales materials certainly makes it sound like these quizzes can be high-converting.

Tools discovered recently — Validate your ideas within your target group

This is a nice looking site that offers validation of ideas (e.g., your latest startup idea) based on respondents in your target group. Reasonably priced.

Yet Another Mail Merge

This is a free and simple tool that’s highly reviewed and used by over 800K people. It runs a mail merge based on data you enter into a Google Spreadsheet and sends the emails using your Gmail or G Suite account. Free for up to 50 emails per day.

Zenkit | A beautiful way to organize.

This is kind of like Trello but with some different visualization possibilities like mind maps (in addition to the standard lists / Kanban boards). Nicely designed and free for up to 5 team members.

Business Strategy Generator

This is a very simple questionnaire (no registration required) with some insightful results around strategies you may want to pursue depending on your answers.

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Top ICO list is a curated and up to date list of active and upcoming ICOs. Interesting to research if you’re considering an ICO for your startup.

The Advertising ROI Calculator

This is a really simple calculator by Hubspot, but something to check before spending a lot on ads, which may not make you as much profit as you think they do. The calculator doesn’t even take into account the time you may be spending working on closing prospects that the ads deliver to you, so view it as an optimistic analysis of how well ad spending may be working for you.

Articles for this week


3 things you don’t understand about spreadsheets (Part 1)

A new series by Hjalli, a good friend of mine, who has lived in the world of data, big and small, for a long time. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series!

13 Mental Models Every Founder Should Know

Kind of an interesting list of different ways you can frame your startup or idea or problem. Many of them well-known (like the MV) but others less well known.

Stop Thinking About Raising Capital For Your Startup. Start Thinking Like a Business Person

I like this article because in the end you need to build a profitable business. Of course it may also be confirmation bias, since my own company is bootstrapped 😜

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Don’t Build a Startup, Build a

Some good insights here into how to think about getting people to change their minds and think differently about the world because of your startup’s message and abilities.

That’s it for this issue

Thanks for reading. I want to leave you with two actions you may want to take:

1. Sign up for CrankWheel’s affiliate program ($120 + 15%). I’d love to make some money with you!

2. Join the Slack community. I receive lots of feedback from readers (you can leave yours simply by responding) but the Slack is where we can all get really interactive as a community. Tons of great discussions going on there every day. Would love to see you there!

Have a great weekend!!




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