— Issue #82

Hi, it’s Jói again.

We just had a big pizza and foosball party at the co-working space I work out of, so I’m happy and apparently that kills creativity, so let’s cut right to the chase and go for the tools!

Tool of the week

Lumen5 | Grow your brand with social videos

This is a pretty nifty tool to mostly-automagically turn a blog post into a video. We just used it to turn on of CrankWheel’s posts into a video and you can see the results for yourself. It’s free to use as long as you’re OK with giving them credits at the end of the video. Pay to remove those and also to get higher video quality.

Tools I actually used recently

1200x628 uk
1200x628 uk

Payoneer: International Money Transfers: Quick, Secure & Low

I’m looking at Payoneer as a way to invoice customers around the world (CrankWheel’s enterprise clients tend to prefer invoicing rather than a subscription on a credit card). Like PayPal, Payoneer lets you send them an invoice and they can pay by credit card, but unlike PayPal it also supports bank transfers such as ACH for the US, SEPA for the EU and more. These types of transfers are the same or simpler than the wire transfers these customers are currently making to pay us, and Payoneer will track who has paid which invoice, so it should simplify things all around.

Schema | Your notes, revolutionised.

Schema is a simple “outliner” tool as a web app, that also lets you upload any type of file into your outline items. Quite user friendly and might just fit your note-taking style. Free for now with 200 MB of cloud storage.

Tools discovered recently

Repurpose | Automatically Distribute Your Podcasts and Facebook Live Videos To YouTube

In a similar vein as Lumen5, this helps you repurpose your podcasts as videos, automatically upload your Facebook Live videos to YouTube, and more. Free trial.

UXPro | Usability testing videos

Get UX testing videos of users using your website. First 5 are free.

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Welcome bug a thon vertical popup img dd97712f77874bb2600e7a289843c63b33a32475060997ea1e50248e23a4d510

99tests — Free one-week

99tests is a crowdsourced testing platform which helps companies to test their software products by top notch testing professionals. If you register you can get 20–30 bugs in a week for free. After that they’ll try to sell you of course 🤑

Firesub | Reusable checklists for teams

This is a very simple team checklist tool, free for any number of checklists and with the ability to create teams, but max 3 checklists ongoing at any one time before upgrading. Another good one is Forgett (free for up to 3 checklists).

Articles for this week

10 Free Business Templates You Can Use Today

Since I wrote about pitching your startup a few weeks ago I thought this would make a nice follow-up, it’s 10 free business plan and pitch deck templates you can use to save some time.

An Exhaustive List of Books, Podcasts, Newsletters and Communities For SaaS Product Marketers

Many founders are also product managers, at least to start with, so hopefully this is of interest. I’ve read several of the recommended books but now I have some fresh meat on my reading list.

From Reddit: Notes from a beloved manager

Something I stumbled upon on Reddit, notes somebody summarized based on conversations with a manager who was great. Quite insightful stuff.

How we improved our engineering estimates by 1082%

This has some good advice on scheduling projects, breaking them up into small pieces, etc. It’s also a plug for Albatross, which is a new tool for this style of project management that looks kind of interesting (free for one user, one project).

That’s it for this issue

I mentioned that I’ve been using a developer from Toptal to build a WordPress plug-in for CrankWheel, and so far the project has gone really well. The plug-in is more or less ready and we’ll publish it hopefully the week after next once some changes to CrankWheel that it depends upon are pushed live. I’ll do a full write-up of my experience with Toptal once the project is complete.

I hope you have a great weekend!