— Issue #76

Hi folks, it’s Jói again!

My company just moved into its new office space today. It’s actually a cluster of SaaS startups called called Quarter. I’ll post about it again once it’s got a website, but it’s pretty exciting, 9 different SaaS startups sharing one office floor, learning from each other and drinking a lot of coffee.

I told you a few weeks ago that I’d lay off the one-click surveys for a while until I had a question so compelling that you wouldn’t be able to control your urge to answer. Well, here it is:

Are you a Mac or a PC? (just click your answer to respond)

I told you you wouldn’t be able to resist 😉

Tool of the week

App preview image

Content Snare | Extract Content From Your

Looks really useful for web designers and agencies. A way to get content from your clients in a structured format, that also handles chasing your clients to get the content.

Tools I’ve actually used recently 🤓

70874 designrr logo pa 01
70874 designrr logo pa 01

Designrr — Create beautiful lead magnets without writing a single

This is a tool for creating an ebook (semi) automatically from your existing blog content (or other content you have). I purchased it at $27 per year using the link above, normally the same plan is $27 per month. There’s a funnel after the purchase to try to get you to upgrade, don’t fall for it

Tools discovered recently

I’m ambivalent about posting this one. On the one hand it’s an interesting idea to use scratch games to keep folks coming back to your giveaway campaign and referring more folks, and if the results are what they claim then that’s kind of amazing. On the other, their plans are very expensive — but perhaps they are negotiable.

Coggle banner green
Coggle banner green

Simple Collaborative Mind Maps —

It’s like Google Docs for mind maps. Seems neat!

300x300 blue logo
300x300 blue logo

DailyStory | Better customer

DailyStory creates better customer engagement experiences. They take care of integrations for you so you can focus on actually nurturing your customers.

This is a Chrome extension and calendar app that syncs with your Google Calendar, lets you schedule meetings right from Gmail, and get insights on how to optimize meetings.

Articles for this week

An interesting article about using PPC to drive traffic to content, to drive signups. Interesting, but don’t try this unless you have great conversion rates on your content.

Duolingo growth strategy
Duolingo growth strategy

Growth Hacking: Inside Duolingo’s Monster 9-Figure Growth
Here’s a complete breakdown of the exact growth strategy Duolingo used to build a 9-figure business and transform an industry.

More on conversion copywriting — a skill many of us need to get better at.

That’s it for this issue

I hope you’ve had a great week and will have an even greater weekend. For me, it’s back to screwing together IKEA furniture and hanging whiteboards for the new office.



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