— Issue #74

Growth tip

In the second installment of my $0 Subscription Startup Stack series, I talked about sales, and my ending note was that folks should get out there in the world and meet their customers face to face, as it’s invaluable to hear feedback first hand and understand their problems. This is my growth tip for this week, and it’s what I’m doing next week, at the Connect to Convert conference in NYC, where we’ll be showcasing CrankWheel at an exhibition booth. Come see me if you happen to be there, we’ll be at booth #401!

Tool of the week

Loom | Quick and easy video recorder

Tools I actually used recently

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Articles for this week

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Multipurpose businessman

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

That’s it for this issue

Thanks for reading, folks! Wish me luck at the conference next week, I’m hoping we land some huge customers.


Do you sell software? If you do, take a look at CrankWheel. It lets you go from a prospect requesting a demo to an actual live demo with a salesperson within seconds.



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