— Issue #146

Another Friday! Where did the time go? I know where some of mine went: Finding these tools for you 😜Hope you enjoy!

🏆 Sponsor of the week

CrankWheel | Screen sharing for sales, now with remote control

Up your sales game using this free screen sharing tool that is tailor-made for sales professionals. It now includes the ability to let your prospect remote control your screen. Sign up to get unlimited user accounts and 25 meetings a month, free for life!

⚙️ Tool of the week

Sheets for Marketers

Very useful collection of over 100 Google Sheets that can help you in your marketing efforts, sourced from various places around the web. No signup needed to browse the collection, but some of the spreadsheets’ creators require signup to get the sheets.

🛠 Tools discovered recently

Photo Creator | Create stock photos from elements

Another neat tool from the folks at Icons8, this one lets you create stock photos by putting together different elements and backgrounds. JPGs are free for a link (attribution) or $20/month for paid access to PSDs and unlimited usage.

YourCopy | Secure copy of your social

Lets you keep a personal backup of stuff you see and share on social media. Seems useful both personally and for marketing types, to have a separate curated copy of stuff that you can’t “lose” to the endless stream of social media. Free for 30 days, then $1/month or $10/year.

Webfont | Create new web

Lets you create a new webfont to hold your own custom icons and such. Free for up to 16 icons in a font, then $10 one-time purchase.

Submit Checklist | +100 directories to submit your startup

Over 100 sites, directories and subreddits you can submit your startup to.

Unite | Websites as native apps on

Unite allows you to turn websites into native apps on your Mac. Free trial, or $10 one-time purchase.

Phantombuster | Cloud APIs for marketing

A big list of APIs that you can plug into your marketing automation efforts. LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are covered along with assorted other stuff. 14-day free trial, and free forever for 10 minutes of execution time, after that starts at $30/month for 1 hour of execution time.

🤓 Articles of the week

How To Start Saying No (With Email Prompts You Can Use)

Great suggestions for how to say no to requests, which is one of the most powerful ways of freeing up your time. Includes some handy email prompts that you can copy for your own use while you get comfortable with saying no.

Salesforce Onboarding Email

This breakdown of how Salesforce does email onboarding is a helpful look at some best practices that you might want to incorporate in your own onboarding sequence.

Essential Growth

Really nice, concise list of the main metrics you’ll want to consider monitoring.

📚 More stuff to read

Bootstrapping a profitable SaaS

If you’ve thought about building a Micro-SaaS to generate some sustainable income, this eBook by Tyler Tringas is a really great resource. I just read all the available chapters in almost one sitting, highly recommended.

😢 That’s it for this issue

I wish you a great weekend!