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It’s Friday, let’s go! 🎄🎅🎁🤶🎄

🏆 Sponsor of the week

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CrankWheel | Screen sharing for

Up your sales game using this free screen sharing tool that is tailor-made for sales professionals. Sign up now to get unlimited user accounts and 25 meetings a month, free for life!

⚙️ Tool of the week

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SEO Minion | Free Chrome extension that helps with various SEO

This is from the same folks that created Keywords Everywhere (which I also recommend). SEO Minion helps with tools like on-page SEO analysis, broken link checking, SERP preview and comparing location specific search results on Google. Really cool for a free tool!

🛠 Tools discovered recently

Pingly | Email and chat for teams

This is interesting, especially for projects just starting out. It’s free (for now, while in beta) and gives you hosted email on your own domain, as well as team chat.

Nummuspay | Subscription management and credit card processing

Looks like a well-rounded alternative to something like Chargify or Chargebee for subscription management, and has some interesting features for managing EU customers (w.r.t. tax and auto-verification). Pricing seems quite competitive.

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Drip by WSLab | Affordable drip email

Simple drip email marketing, e.g. for an onboarding sequence for your SaaS. Free for up to 2000 subscribers, but you must bring your own ESP (Amazon SES, Mailgun or Sparkpost).

ResearchFly | Personal research assistant

New type of productized service, where you get a research assistant for a flat monthly fee, starting at $50/month. Ask questions like “What’s the market capitalization of the Canadian denim industry?” and get back a researched report.

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StartupTools | Free tools and document templates for Scandinavian

If you’re in Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Iceland (and coming soon, other countries), this is an invaluable collection of legal templates to get you going.

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Meet Leonard | Lead generation for

If you’re into social prospecting, you might want to look into this as an alternative to Dux Soup. Freemium. | Marketplace to match sponsors and meetups etc. that need free pizza

This fun idea is a way for you to get free pizza, and for sponsors to get in front of special interest groups by paying for pizza or other food at meetups, hackathons, in-office lunchtime presentations etc.

😱 Special for our Audience

Cryptex Password Manager | 50 user IT admin version for free

The folks at Real Random are exclusively offering subscribers of this mailing list the IT admin version of their Cryptex enterprise web application for password generation and management, free for up to 50 users. It generates truly random, completely unpredictable passwords using their proprietary entropy generation called Zentropy. To take advantage of the offer, first sign up using this link, then shoot an email to and tell him you’re a Startup Resources subscriber asking for the deal.

🤓 Articles of the week

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A/B Testing: 29 Guidelines for Online Experiments (plus a checklist) — Alex

Huge guide to how to do A/B testing without having to hire a data scientist.

Contentking crawler traps en og 2x

Crawler traps: how to identify and avoid

Worth a read and checking up on your site to see if you have these “crawler traps” that can negatively impact SEO.

Disable google amp 1

Google AMP Case Study — Leads Dropped by 59% (How to Disable It)

Are you using Google AMP? Is it working for you? You may want to look at this case study from Kinsta.

The long game

The Surprising Power of The Long

A thought piece on why playing the long game will yield much larger long-term gains than the short game. I can relate as I felt my mentality shift from short to long game the moment I decided to scale CrankWheel’s expenses down to achieve profitability early this year, and then grow profits from there. Tactics changed to being in it for the long term rather than looking for quick gains, and growth has increased significantly.

Depositphotos 134580024 m 2015 650b5fe42e00fc1045c7397595d508ea 2000

5 Key Steps to Successful User

Good overview of 5 steps you can take to make your SaaS onboarding work really well.

😢 That’s it for this issue

I’ll be taking a break from writing the newsletter next week so I have more time to keep my promise to my family to be lazy and eat a lot of chocolate with them. I’ll write you again in the new year, on Friday the 4th of January. Until then, Happy Holidays!!





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