— Issue #134

Friday again, and it’s almost Halloween! Do you celebrate it? Have you picked out a costume? 👹🎃

⚙️ Tool of the week


Notion | All-in-one collaborative workspace for notes, tasks, wikis, and

I love Bear for writing, note taking, capturing links and categorizing. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Notion as an alternative to Bear for personal use, but more importantly as a collaboration-enabled tool that whole teams can use. They describe it as the “missing half of Slack” i.e. a longer-term memory for your team, and that makes sense to me. Free to start, then $4/month for individual use or $8/user/month for team use.

🛠 Tools discovered recently

Trolley | Payments system

Trolley is a payments system for startups. Sell digital downloads or physical products, take deposits and donations, and all with simple HTML (no code, no server, no developer). Trolley works with Stripe, and works with any website.

Og image

Zubtitle | Video captioning

This is a cheap and easy way to caption your videos, which makes them work a whole lot better on social media when they’re shown without audio. Starts at $6/video but is much less if you buy minutes in bulk.

AllMails | Get emails of Twitter users

This is interesting, a tool to dig up the email addresses of Twitter users based on a search term on Twitter, i.e. folks tweeting about stuff relevant to you, or following your competitors, etc. Free for up to 150 contacts per month, then $99/month for up to 2000.

Zip grey

Alan Application

Not sure about the maturity of this, but it’s a fascinating concept. Define your data model and get a full stack application auto-generated. Seems interesting for internal applications.

Isometriclove | Cute isometric objects for your design

These are cute, that’s the name of the game. Free for non-commercial use with attribution, $29/month to download as many as you like for attributionless commercial use. You can also request custom designs.

Fusionauth share image

FusionAuth | Identity

If you’ve ever considered a 3rd party authentication service such as Auth0 then you’ll be interested in this. It’s free (as in beer) for self hosting. They offer paid plans for support and/or hosting.

🤓 Articles of the week

Freemydesktop screen 1

My first Product Hunt

In this guest post on the blog, Valentino Urbano tells the inspiring story of how he launched on Product Hunt.

101 lead magnets to grow your list

101 Lead Magnet Ideas to Skyrocket Your Email

Need some help figuring out a good lead magnet? This huge list is sure to help.

48 growth hack border

The Glossary Growth Hack: The Growth Strategy That Landed Us 8,000 New Monthly

Not sure whether this still works, but it might be worth a shot depending on your industry.

Power map burfield

What Your Startup Needs to Know About Regulated

Planning to operate in a regulated market (think Uber, AirBnB)? Read this new post from Steve Blank.

How to Raise Money

This is an old one from Paul Graham, but it’s just as relevant as the day it was written. If you’re raising money or plan to raise money, you should read this.

😢 That’s it for this issue

Remember to send me any ideas for tools that you have! Some of the absolute best stuff I post has come from readers.





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