— Issue #126

Jói Sigurðsson
4 min readAug 31, 2018

It’s Friday and I’m about to have a fun pizza lunch with the folks at my co-working space, so let’s get to it — here is this week’s batch of cool and useful stuff for your startup!

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Expert Bookkeeping with

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Tool of the week


Twist | Mindful team

I’m not a big fan of messaging apps like Slack as a productivity tool, but it’s also clear that email is not the end-all and be-all of team communications. Twist offers an interesting new twist on communication for teams, intended to make work calmer, more organized and more productive. Free for life with storage limits, similar to Slack.

Tools discovered recently

Digixport   refresh accounts

DigiXport — Facebook & Bing Ads Reporting & Analysis

A tool for exporting Facebook and Bing ads reports to Google Sheets and analyzing results there. Free for limited usage.


LIX | LinkedIn search exporter

Need to export masses of contacts from LinkedIn? This tool will do it, and will guess email addresses while it’s at it. £30/month per user.

Urlooker | Web page change monitoring software

Monitor web pages for changes, and connect via IFTTT or Zapier for automating tasks based on changes. Free for two pages checked once per day.

Haplen — The Future of Project Management
Organizing projects finally makes sense. Spend less time managing tasks, and more time actually working on them. Sort, filter, assign, and be done. It’s free. Get your team back on track.

Website downtime alerts anywhere

Downtime Monkey | Website

A typical website monitoring tool, with email and SMS alerts, but with a more generous free plan than most: Up to 20 websites monitored every 3 minutes for free.

Emailmate | Free email template tool

This is a free download for Mac or Windows, a powerful templatized email generator, with even more features available in the paid version. Works with any email program, you just cut and paste.

ECOMPLY | GDPR compliance software

I posted this about 4 weeks ago but since then had a chance to interact with the system a bit, since one of CrankWheel’s customers was using it to send us a request for a data processing agreement. The system is slick, lets you upload your agreement and offers help setting up an agreement if needed. Just wanted to mention this tool again in case you need help with GDPR compliance, as it seems solid.

Articles for this week

Networking for introverts, the shy and the socially anxious

This is actually a really handy guide, with lots of actionable advice. Read it before your next conference or meetup!

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Beware of one-sided partnerships. Your startup’s time is too

This is a piece on a lesson learned the hard way by the author’s startup, and one that I also learned the hard way at one point. If you’re a small company entering into a partnership with a larger one, make sure the larger company is truly vested in the deal. Money or a time commitment or a commitment to publicity is a must.

5b53e832eadb5872b4b8725f business 20copywriting 20guide

The Ultimate Business Copywriting Guide [2018]

Lots of actionable advice in this guide from Failory.

Understanding fb ads cost 2017

Facebook Ads Cost: The Complete Resource to Understand

Huge guide based on analyzing $300M of ad spend in 2017, showing what the ad cost averages are for clicks from Facebook. Inspired me to try some campaigns again!

That’s it for this issue

Thanks for reading! Now I’ll go munch some pizza and share war stories with my startup brethren. What are you having for lunch? 🍕



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