— Issue #124

It’s Friday, so here I am in your inbox again, with the latest batch of tools and articles. Thanks for reading!!

Sponsor of the week 🏆

Expert Bookkeeping with

Books are important, but they aren’t why you started your business. Pilot takes care of your bookkeeping from start to finish so you can focus 100% on making your business succeed. We generate the most accurate financial reports possible. Try one month risk free.

Tool of the week

SocialBook | YouTube/Instagram influencer

This free tool looks very useful if you’re using influencers for advertising and branding. Lets you search on multiple parameters, shows detailed analysis of an influencer’s channel, and in many cases lets you contact the influencer (registration required).

Tools discovered recently

Rewardful | Affiliate & referral programs for

Looks like a simple and well-designed solution for folks using Stripe to add an affiliate and/or referral program. Pricing starts at $39/mo or you can start with a pure performance-based revenue share of 9%.

SparkScore from SparkToro | A

Bringing back a concept similar to Klout, a SparkScore is something similar to your Twitter influence score. There’s also an Engagement Score that compares engagement on your account with that of similarly-sized accounts.

Highfive | Video conferencing for meeting

If you need a professional solution to bridge meeting rooms in different offices, as well as for video conferencing and dial-out from those meeting rooms (as well as conferencing from your desktop), Highfive looks awesome. Access starts at $10/month per user and meeting room equipment (screen/CPU/camera/microphone) starts at $99/month per room.

Coverr | Free stock video

Royalty free, for personal and commercial use, unique and beautiful video footage for your website or any project. No attribution required.

ApexCharts | Open-source charts for the

Need charts for your product? This chart library has got you covered, all for free. Just point your developers at it!

Podcast of the week

101530727 headshot bg brown copy.240x240
101530727 headshot bg brown copy.240x240

How to build a one person million dollar business with Elaine

Interesting interview with the author of “The Million-Dollar, One-person Business: Make Great Money, Work the way you like, have the life you want”.

Articles for this week

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9 Powerful Email Productivity Practices to Adopt Right

Dealing with email is one key thing you need to be really good at these days. Great advice in this article.


17 ways to scale a

Building a two-sided business? This concise list of tactics is for you!


The Rules of Link

An overview of what still works, from the experts at Moz.


Everything You Need To Know About Transactional Email But Didn’t Know To Ask — Smashing

If you want a deep understanding of transactional email, the gotchas, best practices and more, this is the article for you. Really detailed stuff.

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10 Steps To Make Your Mobile App GDPR

Got an app, and have users in the EU? This guide looks very comprehensive.

That’s it for this issue

Have you ever been stuck doing lots of work and making good progress, but wishing you could free up a bit of time to work on some bigger things that have been waiting for a while? That’s me for the last couple of weeks, watching some good growth in CrankWheel but looking forward to having time to get some bigger initiatives started.

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P.S. Be sure to check out this week’s sponsor Pilot, if you need assistance with your bookkeeping. They take care of it from start to finish, with great reporting, and you can try one month risk free.