— Issue #123

Jói Sigurðsson
4 min readAug 10, 2018

Welcome to issue #123. Hopefully reading this newsletter every Friday is as easy as 1, 2, 3… if it’s not please let me know!

Sponsor of the week 🏆

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Expert Bookkeeping with

Books are important, but they aren’t why you started your business. Pilot takes care of your bookkeeping from start to finish so you can focus 100% on making your business succeed. We generate the most accurate financial reports possible. Try one month risk free.

Tool of the week

GoPinLeads | Local business leads from Google Maps

If you’re targeting local, bricks and mortar businesses, this app might just be your best friend. Very quickly extract all the information about businesses you are able to find on Google Maps, into a Google Spreadsheet. 50 credits per month for free, starts at $9/month after that (or $99/year for a special limited-time package they are advertising now).

Tools/resources discovered recently

Transistor podcast features host multiple shows 1024x567

Transistor | Podcast hosting and

Helps podcasters get more listeners with unlimited shows, multiple users, podcast analytics, and distribution on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. Free trial, then $19/month and up.

Plasso 1200 630

Plasso Flexkit | Payment gateway sans

A payment gateway and accounts system (sign up, log in, access protected content, etc.) that requires only HTML to integrate onto your site, no other front-end or back-end code. Looks interesting, starts at $29/month plus card processing fees.


Pitchenvy | Gallery of startup pitch

Looking for inspiration for your pitch deck? There is a ton of decks from startups old and new on this site.

Paper plane | Unlimited web

A productized service, similar to a couple of “unlimited” graphic design services I’ve posted recently, this one gives you unlimited web development (one request at a time) starting from $579/month.

Smallbiz logo colorful 01 1024x1024 | Curated small business

Nice curated directory of tools for small business in different categories.


UnusedCSS | Remove unused

Finds unused CSS styles, which if you remove them can help speed up your site. Free for a single site for one-time use for up to 100 pages.

Articles for this week


It doesn’t f$#%ing

The central thesis of this inspiring article by Dan Norris is that a great product is what matters most when you go to market. I couldn’t agree more.

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Y-Combinator’s Startup

This is Y-Combinator’s 10-week online course on how to start a startup. Quality stuff, and 100 of the companies who register by August 13th and complete the course will receive $10K.

5b59d1392df4f00c0c99c01b rethink freemium

Is It Time to Rethink Freemium?

This article challenges some of the conventional thinking about freemium vs. free trial vs. “get a demo”, with data. Most importantly, it seems that freemium is perhaps a better path to enterprise sales than the conventional wisdom would say.

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The Facebook Update Nobody is Talking About: Reverse Engineer Your Ads!

Facebook’s latest update means we can see all of our competitors ads and campaigns. This post teaches techniques to take advantage of that.

Tactics promote your blog content image sharer sumo

100+ ways to promote your blog

Some great suggestions you can add to your content promotion checklist.

That’s it for this issue

We finally got a bit of sun in Iceland. Come visit us!! 🇮🇸☀️🕶



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