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Welcome to August! This Friday (today!) marks the start of a long weekend in Iceland where a lot of folks go camping at outdoor festivals. Not me though, not this year — I’d rather be cozy indoors, writing to you by the glow of my laptop monitor 🤓⌨️

Sponsor of the week 🏆

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Sponsored content = Awesome marketing

With display advertising getting increasingly less effective — and more expensive — smart online marketers are turning to sponsored content to affordably reach their targeted audience.

Discover how sponsored content helps ClickUp reach their marketing goals — and how it can do the same for you.

Thing of the week

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House of

These folks have helped me with content for CrankWheel for the last year and a half. Their writing is great, they are reliable and great to work with. They just launched an updated website so I’ll use that opportunity to mention them here. Highly recommended.

Tools discovered recently

ECOMPLY | Data Protection Management System

Still struggling with GDPR? This tool can help save you time. Pricing is not public but I discussed it with their founder and they have a very reasonable package for startups.

The valuer data | Matching startups and

This should be interesting for folks who have the type of product where it’s great to have a larger company as an early customer to help figure out the product. Totally free for startups to apply, and if selected you’ll gain access into their network of corporations.

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Abot | Anonymous feedback and polls for

Slack bot for sending anonymous feedback messages in your team. Also lets you conduct an anonymous survey or poll. Free.

Evaddon share

Email Verification Add-on | Bulk email verification directly within Google
Install the add-on for bulk email verification directly on Google Sheets, where you have contacts collected

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LinkedIn Prospector | Google Sheets

Another tool that lives within your Google Sheets, this one helps you to find LinkedIn leads based on a list of your leads’ name, company and/or position.

Klickleads logo

KlickLeads | URL shortener for social

A URL shortener that lets you retarget those who clicked your link. Free trial, then $25/month.


Truebill | Find Subscriptions, track and

Save money for yourself or your business by finding, tracking and, if you want, getting assistance with cancelling those bills.

Scoop fb share | Research and publish the best

Content curation tool letting you share content with your network, publish it as a newsletter and more. Personal version is free.

Articles for this week

Conversion rate optimization facebook 1

An E-Commerce Marketer’s Guide to Conversion Rate

Huge guide to conversion rate optimization for folks in e-commerce. Lots of stuff relevant to others as well.

Evergreen content ideas1

100 Evergreen Content Ideas for Content Marketing (The Ultimate List)

If you’re stuck trying to generate content ideas, go through this list, it’s bound to help you find an angle to write about.

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The psychology of

You need to sell when you build your startup. That doesn’t mean you need to change into a stereotypical salesperson, but it does mean you need to understand the psychology of selling, and this article lays it down very well.

Google account and products icons

Alternatives to Google

Want to rely less on Google? Here are some interesting alternatives to their most compelling products.

Content Promotion Secrets: Turn New Eyeballs Into New Conversions

Good suggestions for your content promotion checklist (which I talked a bit more about in issue #112).

That’s it for this issue

Thanks for reading! Any feedback you have on the newsletter is appreciated, and tips for cool tools doubly so 🤠



P.S. This newsletter is made possible in part by my main project CrankWheel, which is a screen sharing solution for inside sales and telesales teams. We have a free-for-life plan that you can use solo or in a team — please tell your friends who work in sales!



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