— Issue #121

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Sponsor of the week

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Tool of the week


Clearbit Forms | Dynamic, self-filling

Dynamic forms that skip fields where Clearbit already knows the answer based on previously input data. Looks really powerful and slick. Free for up to 200 leads/month, priced on demand beyond that.

Tools discovered recently

Signature for Gmail | Auto-generate a Google Contact from their email signature

I don’t normally post waiting-list type of tools here, but with this one it’s easy enough to jump the waitlist, just invite 3 of your friends for immediate download. The tool itself is free and seems really useful. It automatically creates contacts in Google Contacts from the information it finds in their email signature.

HoverSignal | On-site notifications for social proof, lead capture

These folks have a very clever landing page — just enter your domain name and click to see their tools overlaid on your site. Check it out if you need social proof, lead capture (email or phone), creation of urgency, all through on-site notifications. Free for social proof, and up to 10 leads/month, $19/month after that.

Cover image
Cover image

shotsnapp | Free and easy device

A completely free tool to create nice mockups for your presentations. Has mockups for browsers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.


DesignWizard | Simple graphic

DesignWizard is an alternative to Canva or Stencil, with lots of free templates you can use.

Triggerbee leads screen full info fullbody small optimized
Triggerbee leads screen full info fullbody small optimized

Triggerbee | Sales and marketing

Sort of like Albacross or Lead Forensics in that it identifies the companies that are visiting your site, but on top of that, it will identify the specific user if they’ve ever filled in a form on your site or if they clicked through a link in an email campaign. On top of that, they do various behaviour-triggered things like special offers for following you on Instagram. Likely a good tool e.g. for e-commerce sites, newsletter sites. Starts at $59/month.

Email Newsletter Checklist by MailSwift

Sending a newsletter or designing a transactional email? Go through this free checklist. There’s no rocket science here, just some solid advice on what to check, and a free tool to help you check things off.

A discount for you

Sg monitoring
Sg monitoring

Startup Program: Free MongoDB & Redis

The folks at ScaleGrid got in touch to tell me about this 90% off program they have for startups who want to outsource management of their MongoDB and/or Redis database.

Podcast of the week

Rob Walling on The Gently Mad

The founder of Drip, discussing his journey and the fact that there are different kinds of freedom.

Stuff to read this week

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Free book: The Great CEO

This is a 100+ page long eBook, available completely for free, written mainly by Matt Mochary, a CEO coach and former founder of Totality (acquired by MCI). It gives solid advice based on experience on all aspects of going from being a founder, to being the CEO as your company grows. How to manage, how to delegate, recruiting, how to do sales and marketing, grow engineering, and tons of other stuff. Highly recommended.

Direct sales
Direct sales

Must read: Direct Sales for Bootstrapped SaaS Startups: from $1,300 to $725,000

One of the absolute best articles I’ve read in a while. This is relevant not just for SaaS but for any type of bootstrapped startup, highlighting the importance of doing sales, especially early on, even though it “doesn’t scale”.


Stop that 80-hour

Good advice on how to work smarter, not harder, as a founder.


Everything You Need To Know About Transactional Email But Didn’t Know To

If you want a deep understanding of transactional email, the gotchas, best practices and more, this is the article for you. Really detailed stuff.

That’s it for this issue

The weather in Iceland has been a bit of a disappointment this summer. The whole summer has been like a not-so-great autumn/fall for us. It’s funny: Even though this has been a bit depressing, it has helped keep productivity way up, since there have been fewer sun-and-fun related distractions. I wonder how they get any work at all done over in Silicon Valley 😎

Until next week, take care, and send me any hot tips for tools and articles!



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