— Issue #107

Tool of the week

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Tools discovered recently

Doctual | Easily Create, Sign and Manage All Legal Documents

Push More | Webhooks to send messages via Telegram
POST to a unique webhook URL and receive your message in Telegram. Works in group chats too!

Texttemperature cloud api for text analysis.fb.en
Lead gen suite
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Article of the week

Solve a hair on fire problem 600x315

Articles for this week

Use amazon acquire customers 369x1600
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That’s it for this issue

I bought a window a couple of days ago, and had trouble steering it in its shopping cart out to my car, because the wind was strong and the window acted as a sail. It reminded me of a time I went skiing recently, when the wind was strong enough that if I angled my back just right, I could get it to push me to a bit of speed on a level surface.



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