— Issue #101

Jói Sigurðsson
5 min readMar 2, 2018

Hey, it’s Jói back at the keyboard, since it’s Friday. This edition will be going out a little later than usual, as I had a very long and leisurely lunch with a couple of friends. Hope I didn’t ruin your coffee break reading!

Tool of the week

Tiny | Control the presentation of your YouTube

Give this completely free tool the URL of a YouTube video and you get to configure how it’s presented (full screen or not, show controls or not, where to start and stop playback, whether to loop and autoplay, and more). I’m totally going to use this to switch the explainer video on CrankWheel’s home page to autoplay (okay maybe not… but sometimes it’s appropriate).

Tools discovered recently

Rivyt | Instant Websites for YouTube Creators

Since we’re on the subject of YouTube, here’s a tool for folks with a YouTube channel to create a branded page to showcase the content. It can be hosted on a custom domain, e.g. a subdomain of your main page. Freemium (up to 20 videos free).


50skills | Hire Better People

I know one of the founders of this startup, and what they’re doing is really smart. It’s a recruiting tool where you can create a good-looking career-page for your business, then the cool bit is you can incentivise your employees to source candidates and make data-driven decisions on the best hire.

Logo social

LinkDeli | Maximize your affiliate

This is a tool to make it easier and more effective to link to affiliate products when you’re blogging, posting videos on YouTube, and using your social profile for promotions. Starts at $15/month.

Inboxgrader og

Inbox Grader | Free Tools By Freshworks
Email Inbox Metrics for Support and Sales Teams to evaluate their productivity, response time, and growth.


ctx | like enterprise search for the

This is interesting: It backs up and indexes your data from multiple cloud solutions, letting you search Google Drive, Slack, Trello, email and GitHub in a single tool. Starts at £20/month.

Background img 2

RetailFlux | Video analytics for bricks and mortar

For anyone running a physical store out there, this should be interesting. It does analytics based on the surveillance videos from your store, figuring out where folks are, where ideal product placements would be, and more.

Dimensional Weight Calculator

Simple and completely free dimensional weight calculator, might be handy for folks shipping physical products.

Inboxgrader og

Inbox Grader | Free analytics for your

This is an interesting lead magnet from Freshworks. Scans your Gmail inbox and gives you lots of “year in review” statistics such as how many emails you received from how many people, how many you replied to and how fast, top contacts and more.

Resources discovered recently

1598 free pieces of instrumental music

Need music for a video? This guy has released 1598 pieces that are completely free to use.

Articles for this week


Freemium vs Free Trial vs Hybrid Customer Acquisition Model in

If you’re considering a freemium or free trial model, or a hybrid where you start with a free trial and either upgrade or downgrade to freemium, this is a great piece on the pros and cons of each approach, and when each approach is most applicable. Lots of thoughtful stuff.


The Complete Script for Cold Calling B2B

A full script you can use as a basis for cold calling in B2B sales of SaaS solutions.


Stepping Back: 5 Questions To Yourself Ask Yourself About Your

An old article, but I’d say it’s worth it for any business owner to go through these 5 questions a couple of times a year.


Why you should stop using product roadmaps and try GIST

GIST plannning is a different take on how to go from the very high level to the very low level scope planning, for software and other creative types of projects. Interesting.

I spent $30,000 to get product-market fit

Remember Justin Jackson? I mentioned his newsletter and products a few weeks ago, and how happy I was with his decision to change an annual subscription I had with him into a lifetime subscription? This is his writeup on the decision.

That’s it for this issue

Thanks for reading! If you ever have tool suggestions, please send them my way. Discovered something great that immediately became part of your workflow? Let me know and we can let others know, together.

Have a great weekend!