Solution selling: How to create amazing presentations that get results

  • On a sales demo, or sales video call. This is where a salesperson, whether outbound or inbound is using one to support what they’re saying to a prospect, giving them more information using a presentation; with the aim of improving the outcome of a sales call.
  • Presentations, also known as pitch or proposal documents, can be sent to prospects after sales calls/demos, to provide them with more information; with the aim of converting them from viable leads into clients. Ideally, these presentations should contain information tailored around the needs of the prospect, following an initial call, especially when your sales cycle involves more than one conversation to close viable deals.

Are sales presentations effective?

Yes, they are. Sales presentations are worth investing in, providing you put time and effort into creating ones that make a positive impression.

  • 63% of people who listen to and engage with presentations remember stories;
  • Videos are also incredibly effective. Including them in a presentation makes people 85% more likely to go ahead;
  • Visuals enter our brains 60,000x faster than purely text, which is why you need to include eye-catching and meaningful visuals in your presentations.
  • Collaborative words in presentations are incredibly useful, with top salespeople 10x likelier to use them, so put these in your presentation: “we,” “us,” “our,” and “together”;
  • Equally, you should include words that inspire confidence: “certainly,” “definitely,” and “absolutely.”

How to create sales presentations

Don’t worry if you can’t put one of these together yourself. If you’ve not got the time or experience, there are lots of ways companies can have presentations and other sales enablement documents put together.

What should be included in a presentation?

Sales presentations, pitch decks or proposals (what you call them depends on where they sit in the sales cycle), need to answer the following questions:

  • What your product/service does?
  • What problems does it solve; pain points does it help overcome?
  • How do you solve those problems?
  • Why are customers happy with the product/service you provide?
  • If possible, explain what the ROI is?
  • Who else you work with (customers with a name recognition factor are always useful)?

Key Takeaways

Sales presentations are essential parts of solution-based sales processes. Using presentations on sales calls/demos improves outcomes, giving prospects a visual overview, and more information. After a call, another type of presentation should be sent out, to support what was said on the call, give them a costing, and use it to encourage decision makers to go ahead.

  1. What solution selling is, and when should you use it?
  2. How to assess what prospects need



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