Sales During Uncertainty: Developing Robust and Realistic Sales Strategies

Why is Covid-19 causing unprecedented uncertainty?

Recessions are nothing new. On a macro and micro-economic scale, recessions need to happen to renew economies. Since 2000, the world has gone through a couple of recessions or periods of slow growth, around the time of the dot com bubble, and then 9/11 (in 2001).

Why is this different for sales leaders?

When it comes to managing a sales team during a global recession, many sales leaders are new to this. Managing a sales team during quieter more gentle years is different than navigating more challenging waters. Not only that, but this isn’t the same as previous recessions. It hasn’t been caused by structural faults in the economy; although it has cracked open flaws and weaknesses that already existed in many countries.

#1: Stay focused

Firstly, we need to remember that Covid-19 and the surrounding economic uncertainty is generating considerable fear. At the same time, companies need to consider what’s actually happening with their clients, pipeline and in the sector(s) they operate.

  • Are your customers still in business?
  • Are they still spending money?
  • Do you still have prospects in the pipeline?
  • Are new prospects entering the pipeline?
  • Does your sales strategy and process still work?
  • Is your team performing well?

#2: Expand beyond core sector(s)

Let’s assume one of the challenges is that the sector(s) you currently serve are struggling.

#3: Ramp up marketing

Are you not getting as many sales leads as you need to hit target?



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