How to increase conversion rates with a culture of instant online demos

How to reach difficult prospects?

What’s needed for quick decisions from prospects?

How to close a sale in one call?

  • A clear value proposition. Can your product/service be easily and quickly explained on every call? If not, this needs to reviewed, changed and tested until sales teams have something that will help them close more deals at an accelerated rate.
  • A simple process and ROI for clients. Potential clients want to know what you can do for them, how it will make their life easier/better, and what they can expect from making the investment required to get results.
  • Qualifying questions. Are you sure every prospect is a good potential client? Budget is a question that needs to be asked, but beyond that, there are always going to be questions that need to be asked to ensure a prospect is the right fit. Make sure to have answered these already through previous information gathering activities, and if not, then clarify and ask the relevant questions on the call.
  • Have the right software in-place to make every instant online demo quick and seamless. How do you sell a product quickly: talking or showing? If you show someone something, they can understand and see for themselves, and therefore make a decision more effectively. One of the advantages of online demos. For every call, give your prospects the option of “a quick online demo.” With CrankWheel, as one of our glowing reviews points out, a prospect can “join a screenshare with no complicated installs, meeting codes, or other hassles.”
  • Make instant online demos a default sales activity. Finally, to achieve a shorter sales cycle and therefore ensure sales team members can sell more, make screensharing part of the sales team culture. Embed it into the processes and KPIs. Doing a sales call? Think demo or presentation on that same call. If a prospect doesn’t want an online demo, fair enough. Go with what is best for a prospect, but make sure this is offered on every call, thereby increasing the chances of converting more prospects on a single call instead of two or more.

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