How to get around LinkedIn’s Commercial Use Limits

Why use LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

  • 5% Higher Win Rates
  • 35% Larger Deal Sizes
  • 34% of Opportunities Sourced
  • 61% of Revenue Influenced

Why does LinkedIn have these limits?

How does LinkedIn define a fair commercial use with searches?

  • Searching for someone’s name — or even a whole bunch of someone’s — doesn’t count;
  • Neither does browsing 1st-level connections from the ‘My Network’ tab;
  • And neither does exploring the People You May Know feature.
  • Searching for LinkedIn profiles using keywords and filters (e.g. if you are consistently searching for “VP Marketing”, or “CEO”, this is activity automated systems are going to monitor and flag);
  • Use apps that run in the background, especially if these are automated third-party lead generation apps (and you might notice that their output reduces after a number of hours; this is why). You should also note that these are against LinkedIn’s terms of use and can get your account blocked.

How to get around the LinkedIn commercial use limit?




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