How to create or improve the sales process, and why this is mission-critical?

  • Sales without a process and structure isn’t repeatable and scalable.
  • How do you onboard and teach new salespeople how things are done?
  • How do you get the same results from across the whole team?
  • How do you accelerate growth unless you know what works and what doesn’t?

What is a sales process?

Why is a sales process mission-critical?

  • It gives a sales team a clear process to follow, for every sales lead, from first contact to closing the deal.
  • It ensures sales are easier to document, which means you can identify what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Without a clear process, lead generation efforts are often wasted, because knowledge and even sales leads can soon disappear without documenting efforts.
  • Training and onboarding new staff is easier when there’s a clear process and structure to sales operations.
  • Whether inbound or outbound sales, the whole sales journey for potential customers runs more smoothly too, which increases the chances they will become clients.

How do you create a sales process?

Key Takeaways: What should a sales process look like?

  1. Prospect (outbound) for potential clients, or leads come inbound, through marketing and referrals.
  2. Research the company, before arranging a demo/call (even if they come in “hot” and want an instant demo: doing some quick research can make a huge difference).
  3. Qualify leads, usually on the first call/demo. Are they a suitable potential client? If yes, then proceed to the next stage. That is, unless they are a warm inbound lead and your product/service can be sold on one call; in which case, you can attempt to close the deal at this stage.
  4. Send over more information, such as a proposal document, and arrange another call.
  5. Handle any objections, questions, and aim to close on the next call (adding further stages of course dependent on whether the sales cycle is longer for your company).
  6. Close the deal. Log it in the CRM. If they don’t want to go ahead, attempt to get feedback and use those learnings as best as possible.
  7. Once a sales lead is a new client: continue to nurture, support and up-sell as much as possible (account management).




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Jói Sigurðsson

Jói Sigurðsson

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