5 ways to turn telesales calls into consultative selling conversations

#1: Start on a positive note

Tired. Stressed. Busy. Sounds like a day in the life of a salesperson. That might be fun and games for your Instagram or Snapchat story, but you want to make a good impression: start with a positive opener.

#2: Do your homework

After a dozen or more unsuccessful calls — when you can’t even get past the gatekeeper or voicemail — you might get a little dial crazy. So when someone says, “Now is a good time to talk,” you aren’t sure what to say. Or worse, you dive into a scripted sales pitch instead of building a rapport, asking questions and listening. Unless you’ve got a great pitch, and they’re interested, and they’re ready to buy, they’re not going to call you back after that.

#3: Don’t bad-mouth the competition

It can be tempting, especially if you know your competition isn’t up to scratch. But the moment you say something bad about them is the moment a potential sales lead puts those negative traits onto your company. It is known as spontaneous trait transference, and best avoided, if you want the conversation to go smoothly.

#4: Put the problem at the centre of the solution

As an inside sales executive, your main problem is selling more of your companies products or services. Potential clients don’t care about that. They’ve got their own problems.

#5: Qualify the lead

Assuming they’re interested to hear more, this is a wonderful opportunity to demo your product. Don’t schedule something for the future. If they have the time, jump straight into an instant demo. Show them the solution.



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