4 tips that make your solar sales pitch perfect | CrankWheel

Solar Panel Target Market

How to Succeed in Selling Solar

1: Define Buyer Personas

  • Who are our customers (e.g. the most profitable and quick-to-convert customers)?
  • Where do they live (in the country, state, province, or county)?
  • What are their household income levels?
  • How big are their properties?
  • Why are they concerned with solar and renewable energy?
  • What makes them want to buy?
  • What level of service or guarantees are they looking for?
  • What are their cost motivators, what budget do they have?
  • How can we encourage them to go ahead more quickly?
  • Do they live near people who already have solar panels? Yale University recently published a study that shows if customers can see that other people have solar panels in their neighborhood, they are more likely to want to get them.

2: Solar Marketing Strategies

3: Tools for Solar Energy Marketing

  • A database of potential customers, alongside multi-channel solutions for reaching them:
  • An email outreach solution an automated phone dialer, direct print postal advertising, social media);
  • Call recording and monitoring system, for tracking sales calls and recording them (as part of sales training)
  • A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, to record every contact point from the initial outreach to confirmation and onboarding;
  • In-person and virtual sales presentation and pitch documents;
  • An impactful website with strong on-site and off-site SEO. Needs to be mobile-friendly. Essential for driving organic traffic and funneling sales leads from PPC, online, and other forms of advertising.
  • A virtual selling solution, such as CrankWheel, when it’s not possible for sales teams to meet with customers in-person. Don’t lose out on sales because you aren’t prepared to handle warm inbound leads, whether they come from advertising or organic search. It’s also a solution that sales teams can use when pitching to purchase-ready customers, who are at the “ready to buy” stage in the sales funnel.

4: Solar Sales Pitch Documents

Key Takeaways for Solar Sales Pitches

  1. Clearly define your buyer personas: Who are they, where are they, and are they interested in renewable energy?
  2. Solar marketing strategies should be multi-channel and make customers in the area aware of your brand.
  3. Solar energy sales campaigns should be supported with a strong marketing campaign and sales tech stack.
  4. Solar pitch documents should make an impact. Use them to help increase conversion rates.




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Jói Sigurðsson

Jói Sigurðsson

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